The late Mr. Loh Kim Teow founded LKT in 1948. Over the years, LKT has evolved from a humble foundry into a group of technology-based companies in Malaysia and globally, with the holding company listed on the Main Board of Bursa Malaysia, Technology counter.


Loh Kim Teow Foundry (LKTF) was formed to manufacture metal products, such as household fencing, window grills, metal doors as well as handling maintenance and part replacement service for rebuilding vehicles and ship engines. This was during the era of free port activities on Penang and influx of emigrants into the state looking for opportunities.


LKTF then invested in additional machinery in its diversification strategy to serve the construction industries in making piling equipment, cement mixers and mobile cranes.


In keeping with the change in technology and the opportunities presented from foreign direct investors, LKTF diversified into manufacturing of precision tooling, components and fabrication of machinery parts for the semiconductor industry to support the manufacturing industry of the state.

After two decades of manufacturing experience and cultivation of entrepreneurial values, LKTF was incorporated as Loh Kim Teow Engineering Sdn Bhd, thereafter known as LKT Precision Engineering Sdn Bhd, (now known as SAM Precision (M) Sdn Bhd) on 16th November 1978.


In the 1980's LKTPE further diversified into the design and manufacturing of automation equipment, primarily targeted for the semiconductor industry.

In 1988, the automation section of LKTPE was transferred to Semiconductor Equipment Manufacturers Sdn Bhd (now known as LKT Automation Sdn Bhd). The company was incorporated on 17 Sept 1981 specialize in the design and manufacture of precision automation equipment complete with equipment control software.
In 1989, LKTPE diversified its business activities and ventured into precision mould making, plastic injection molding and manufacturing.

These activities were then transferred to Plastic Technology (M) Sdn Bhd, which was incorporated on 8 July 1989 (now known as LKT Plastic Technology Sdn Bhd) LKTPT's core business is to manufacture precision engineering thermoplastic parts and components for audio, disk drive and automotive industries.


On 30 April 1994, LKT Industrial Berhad (LKT) was incorporated as an investment holding company.

After a restructuring exercise to ensure consistent and dynamic growth, on June 12, 1995, LKT was successfully listed on the Second Board of the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange.

On 5 December 1996, the new and bold corporate logo, "LKT" was launched to replace the "LIB" logo signifying our leap into a new technological era and our commitment to always improve and innovate. The new corporate logo of "LKT" which comprises the alphabets "L", "K" and "T" set in white and each of the alphabets is wrapped by a forward moving box set in impact red represents the identity of LKT.

On 2 January 1997, LKT set up a product development department to carry out design and development of standard products. During the year, LKT launched its vision, "To Be A Leading Malaysian Technology-Based, Global Company" which is supported by a set of business strategies of which one of it is to inculcate LKT values. Launched on 22 May 1997, it is used by all subsidiaries as a common identity for the entire group.

On 16 October 1997 LKT established its first Employee Share Option Scheme (ESOS) for the benefit of eligible employees and Executive Directors of LKT and its wholly owned subsidiary companies. This is in line with the LKT Value in its interaction with employees.

On 22 December 1997, LKT incorporated another company, LKT Integration Sdn Bhd on 15 Dec 1997 to concentrate on printed circuit board (PCB) handling system and the design and manufacturing of a component assembly line.

On 27 February 1998, LKT incorporated LKT Support Service Sdn Bhd on 26 Feb 1998 to provide technical and manpower support for new production line set-up, 24 hours on-site and off-site technical maintenance service for industrial equipment and develop customized curriculum and conduct technical training for customers.

In 1999 LKT incorporated LKT Engineering (Thailand) Limited, a company in Thailand, which manufactures dies, jig, and cutting tools for disc drive, electronic, semi-conductor and other industries.


LKT incorporated LKT Wafer Technology Sdn Bhd, a company undertaking the design and manufacture of semiconductor wafer transfer systems.


On 1 March 2001, LKT incorporated Iconext Sdn Bhd, as a software house to develop software applications. The flagship products now includes iCONext™ (a control and monitoring software for automated equipment), eQMS (a quality manage solution) and eDOC (a document management solution).

This is the year that marked the beginning of a new division for the ever-growing LKT Group. The Industrial Product Division, based in the Kulim Hi-tech Industrial Park and with sales offices in Kuala Lumpur and Singapore, is involved in the design and manufacture of advanced storage solutions ranging from industrial drawer cabinets, workstations to system racks.

The division launched its products under the brand name BOXX™ Systematic Workspace™. The brand provides a strategic leverage to develop new markets globally.


This was a year of consolidation and improvement for the Group. The Industrial Product Division underwent restructuring where the manufacturing operations of LKT Ergonomic System Sdn Bhd were consolidated with LKT Technology Sdn Bhd. The said Division established a regional marketing office in Kuala Lumpur to serve the central and southern region of Malaysia (including Singapore).

2002 also saw the setting up of a Board of Management (BOM) at the corporate office level comprising of the top management personnel from the various business divisions. The BOM has been tasked with strategic decision making and providing undivided attention on the business with the overall objective of enhancing business networking and linkages within the Group.


LKT Trading Sdn. Bhd, a dormant company was activated and had the name changed to World Depot Sdn. Bhd. This is the same year the group appointed a business partner in the United States to market BOXX products.


Group revenue surpassed the RM100 million-mark. LKT Automation Sdn Bhd extended their design capacity to Singapore as a strategic move to take advantage of opportunities in the region.


LKT revenue continues to grow to over RM 200 million after surpassing the RM 100 million-mark only the previous year. It was also the year that the group invested into its eighth plant for the group, which is also the sixth in Penang to expand the group’s overall capacity in anticipation of further growth.


LKT capped the year 2006 with a series of achievements and business expansion.

Our eight plant, and the sixth in Penang, was completed on 31 August. Covering an area of 90,000 square feet, the new plant is home to the Metal Engineering Division under Meerkat Technologies Sdn Bhd. Built at a cost of RM15 million, the plant boasts state-of-the-art facilities and adopts environmental-friendly concept.

In tandem with our progressive growth and development, LKT began construction on another plant, sited on a 3.4 acre site. Upon its projected completion in March 2007, the plant, estimated to cost RM19 million, will house the Contract Manufacturing Division under Meerkat Technologies Sdn Bhd.

Apart from making inroads on business expansion, the year under review also sees LKT being rewarded for its success. LKT Industrial Berhad was honoured for its excellence in the Automation industry by being named as winner of the inaugural TBR Award recently. Organized by Technology Business Review (TBR), a regional business magazine, the Award is intended to give recognition to companies that have displayed utmost commitment to continuous innovation. LKT won under the Automation Technology category.

Our subsidiary, LKT Manufacturing Sdn Bhd, won the Enterprise 50 Award for year 2006. The Award was organized by SMIDEC (Small and Medium Industries Development Corporation) and Deloitte Malaysia to celebrate and highlight the achievements of enterprising homegrown companies that are well-positioned for the future. Out of the 50 winners, LKT Manufacturing was ranked at the 21st position.


As a socially responsible corporate citizen, LKT recognizes the importance of reaching out to the community in which we live and work and is ever mindful of its duty to help those in need. In tandem with this philanthropy, LKT embarking on a myriad of activities pertaining to the improvisation of welfare, education and environment, re-affirming our commitment to contribute towards the betterment of the people and environment, to name a few.

a) Contribution in cash to schools and educational efforts.
b) Contribution in cash to the victims affected by the Johor Flood and to Charis Hospice for its
    general operating expenses in providing medical support home care services for the patients.
c) Blood Donation and Pledging of Organ Donation Campaign
d) Recycling Campaign in supporting safety and environmental efforts.

February 2008

Singapore Aerospace Manufacturing (SAM) became the majority shareholder of LKT Industrial Berhad.

28 April 2010

LKT Precision Engineering and Meerkat Technologies are now known as SAM Precision (M) Sdn Bhd and SAM Meerkat (M) Sdn Bhd, respectively.

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